Driven by the passion of working with the environment to create a total artistic experience for a diverse audience.

With this in mind, the resulted work is a combination of miscelaneous materials and techniques from a wide range of artistic areas such theming, props, realistic work, sculpting, carving, drawing, painting, fine arts, designing, texturing, animatronics sculptures, portraits modelling, mold making, welding, woodworking, crafts, stage setting, ice and fruits sculpting, lighting made it all possible.

On this site you will find individual pieces made for amusement parks, museums, zoos, aquariums, interior design, as well as completed projects world wide.

References for more detailed work about fine arts and lighting you find here :


Kind regards,

Dan Grecu



Workshop / Company Address:

Aurel Vlaicu Street, nr 3, Piatra Neamt, 610070, Romania 

Phone : +40747900382 

Email : dangrecuarts@gmail.com

Website / Portfolio: http://www.dangrecu.com